Moovalya - Wasteland

from by Various Artists

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Lil' Amy's hookin' down on 19th and bell
Street lights illuminate in hell
The angels cry like sirens for the damned
Echo through a wasteland

Now Amy swears she wants to kill a cop
The pretty smile on her face drops
Down to a devil's grin like shes murdered before
Shes just an ordinary whore

Watch 'em come watch 'em go
She'd rather burn out than fade away
She don't want nothin' more
She loves her cocaine and licorice

The taste of candy is so sweet like the taste of her kiss
The way Amy rocks those hips
Up and down the street with her thumb in the air
She's headed for nowhere

Now Amy swears this pain will never stop
Until her body and her soul drop
Down inside her purse she caries a .44
She's just an ordinary whore

Oh Amy don't, don't you pull that gun
I know you're on the run
50 dollars ain't much fun
When she see the lights
Here the cops come

Amy's beat black & blue, got rolled by the boys in blue
She's got nothing left to lose

I watch her come, I watch her go
I watch her burn out she fades away
She don't want nothing more
She loves her cocaine and licorice


from Volume Two, released May 19, 2011



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