Angry Old Man - Sugar & Hate

from by Various Artists

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LOCATION: Long Beach, NY


You're working, you're slaving, you're pissing your life away. Lose a little more heart and soul everyday. They give you shit to see how much you're gonna take. Their jumping on your back just to see when you're gonna break.

You're lonely, tired, going out of your mind. Looking for something you're not sure if you'll find. Wake to see yourself in your own personal hell. You're working for your peanuts and you can't keep your shells.

Now I'm just waiting for you to reveal how you're gonna let me down. You renege on all your promises and you just screw around. Like the whore you've always been, but now you've finally settled down. And you left me the angry old man from the Bowery underground.

You're bitter you're angry, think you're going no where, you want to scream it out but you know the world doesn't care. You were born privileged so you can't say it isn't fair. Is this your burden or just your share of guilt and sadness which you can't contain. Keep lying to yourself that you're never gonna change. A denial umbrella a pretty shitty shelter from the rain. You're biting on your own lip to minimize your own pain.


from Volume Two, released May 19, 2011



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